Ultra Violet Lights

UV Black Light Product Line Up

UV Laser

UV Laser Pointer emits a very bright UV blue light. Due to the brightness, it can charge up glow in the dark products in milliseconds.


Laser Color – Violet Blue
Power – 5mW
Wave Length – 405nm
Runs on – 2 AA Batteries

UV Torch

This compact UV black light with a wavelength of 395-405nm with a focusing beam. Zoom out to cover a wide area or Zoom in for an intense UV spot light.

Zoom out to cover a wide area for hotel room inspection or looking for contamination like stains visible only under a UV light.

6″ UV Lamp

Hand held UV light. Runs on 4 AA batteries. Length of UV tube is 5″.

25w UV Bulb

Energy Saving 25 watts Electrical UV Light Bulb with size E-27 screw base

Simple to use. Just screw onto a E-27 sized light bulb socket and switch on. Bright enough to fill a small room with UV light.

40w UV Fluorescent

a) 2 Feet UV Florescent Tube powered at 20 watts. Good for booths or small rooms.

b) 4 feet UV Florescent Tube powered at 40 watts. Good for rooms around 50 square feet in size.

UV Florescent Tubes mentioned here, need to be fitted in a fluorescent casing.

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