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Twilight Glow in the Dark Painting Kit

Teaches you the basics of glow in the dark painting.

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Twilight Glow Painting Kit makes Glow Painting easy. Paint on any surface and it glows in the dark for hours. Paint your door knobs, walkways, keyholes, light switches or just paint designs and it would glow in the dark.

Twilight Glow Painting Kit, is a kit which contains all the tools needed for Glow in the Dark Painting. This is a retail product which consists of all the materials like glow paint, glow powder, together with tools and instructions on how to mix and use glow paint correctly.

Twilight Glow Painting Kit contains the following:

Glow Paint Kit

Retail - USD79

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  1. 200 ml of Clear Solvent Based Ink
  2. 50 grams of glow in the dark powder
  3. *Battery operated Mini Ultraviolet Light
  4. Paint Brush
  5. Mixing Spoon
  6. Instructions

All these items come packed in a compact box as pictured on the left.

Batteries for the UV light are not included in this kit. The UV light uses 4 AA sized batteries.

Glow Paint in this kit is sold unmixed, to give you the feel of mixing and painting, with glow in the dark paint. Click here, if you want to order ready mixed glow paint.


Glow Painting is not the same as normal painting which can be done under normal light. Glow Painting is a special effects painting and should be done under a UV light, for the best results

Twilight glow paint contains a high quality glow powder which can glow in the dark for 6 to 8 hours. The clear solvent paint and glow powder would be stored separately. Instructions on how to mix and paint are included in this kit. Since this paint uses solvent based inks, it might not be suitable for use on soft materials like certain types of plastic.

Twilight glow painting kit contains only the green glow powder. You can order glow powder in other colors here. You can also order additional glow paint by clicking on this link.




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Minimum Order Quantity is 10 Sets.

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