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Pete's Luminous Creations - Glow in the Dark History, News and Updates

This page was created in July 1999, to keep track of our progress and also as a record of our progress.

Our humble beginnings started back in late 1995 when a group of friends, specializing in different trades, decided to team together and go into business. Starting from a shared server, we moved to our own server (, in June 1998. The name was chosen as it represented our different trades - which was dealing in Glow in the Dark Products and IT related services .

Though we have expanded, the basic structure and partners involved, have not changed, except for the fact that we created different web sites, to represent the different trades we deal in. This structure is shown below.

Pete's Luminous Creations

E-Commerce Services

Glow Products Retail -

This site handles all retail orders concerning glow in the dark products. Samples can also be purchasd there.

Web Hosting -

This site provides hosting services. Low cost web hosting packages on various platforms available.

Glow Products Wholesale -

This site handles wholesale orders from our distributors and manufacturers.

Web Design -

This site provides web designing services. Also available are complete E-Commerce Packages.

Glow Product Information -

We get tons of enquiries concerning glow in the dark. We found it difficult to place this information in either of the sites above. This is why created a seperate site which provides detailed information on glow in the dark products. We would create direct links to our Informative Site, from the product pages of both our Retail and Wholesale Site, as and when necessary.


E-Commerce -

This stands for Electronic Commerce or doing business online. This not only involves web hosting and web design, but also accepting payments for your goods and services electronically.

We also offer Secure Servers, at a discount for our customers.

Glo-Net News Headlines

  1. We are looking for international distributors, for all our glow products. More details on this can be found by Clicking Here.




September 2007

  • Changes to the design of the site

August 2007

July 2007

May 2007

March 2007


September 2006

March 2006


November 2005

October 2005

September 2005

  • New forum created for discussion on web design, hosting and glow in the dark products.
  • Revised the prices of UV Pigments

July 2005

May 2005

  • Added a new line of glow paper and revised the prices lower.

April 2005

  • New range of glow boards called "Dual glow signage" added.
  • New Bulk pricing for glow powder
    • Green / Blue Glow
    • Glow color powder

March 2005

  • New production technique for glow stickers. End result is an equally good product at lower cost.

January 2005

  • Added new range of pre-mixed inks for silk screen printing and offset printing.


November 2004

  • Sample sized solvent based glow paint (200ml) is now an optional item when you purchase the Sticker Stencil Kit (Retail Only).

October 2004

  • Prices for glow stickers and glow boards have been reduced by 40%.

September 2004

  • Due to improvements, cost for glow stickers and boards have dropped. We would be adjusting our prices to reflect this drop, within the next few months.

August 2004

  • Glow in the dark paint is now available in smaller quantities of 15 ml. Distribitors required for this product. Click here for more details.

June 2004

  • Developed a new method of creating quality outdoor signs.

May 2004

April 2004

  • New product launched. Glow in the dark spray paint sold in cans.
  • New product launched. Glow in the Dark Reflective Tape.

March 2004

February 2004

  • New packages unleashed for web hosting and web design

January 2004

  • Custom made printing services available. More details here.

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November 2003

  • Created a new Retail Site for glow products.

October 2003

  • Added a new product under the Glow Color Powder Range. REO-B. Normal color is white while glow color is blue.
  • Added pre-mixed UV Paint to our range of products.
  • Added 3 new colors for pre-mixed glow paint (REO-B, REO-OR & REO-W).

September 2003

  • Added a new product called Twilight Glow Painting Kit.

August 2003

  • New product Glow Rocks! added.
  • Glow Gloves are no longer carried by us.
  • We have ceased production of this Luminous Pigment ZS-2. Sale of this product would continue until we run out of stock, after which, it would be taken off our inventory.

June 2003

  • Added a new range of photo luminous signs
  • Added a Distributor Sample Pack for those wishing to see our complete range of products.
  • Teaming up with GeoTrust, a company specializing in Internet Security, E-Commerce Services now offers 128-bit SSL certificates at very competitive rates.
  • We have ceased production of this Luminous Pigment ZS-2. Sale of this product would continue until we run out of stock, after which, it would be taken off our inventory.
  • Added a new range of Photo Lumninous Powder under the SL Group.
  • Added a new range of Photo Luminous Color Powders under the Color Group.

May 2003

We have shifted to a new office and our address is now:
10 Anson Road,
International Plaza, #15-14
Singapore 079903

March 2003

  • Logo change for E-Commerce Services.

February 2003

  • Added new product (Glow Paper). This product can be printed on with any ink-jet printer.

January 2003

  • Forum for discussing about Glow Stuff has been moved to Glonet's Cafe

December 2002

  • Server shifting completed on DEC 30, 2002. Apart from the foreseeable problems stated below, there should not be any other problems. However, if you do come across anything that is not working right on our site, kindly send an Email to The Webmaster, describing the problem clearly.
  • Server shifting scheduled at the end of this month. Besides some down time and having to subscribe again to our mailing list, it is business as usual.

November 2002

  • No longer offering Shared Merchant Account Services. Individual Merchant Account Services is not affected.

October 2002

  • Added a new product to our range of glow in the dark products. Glow Gloves.(discontinued)

August 2002

  • Teamed up with a web-hosting provider to provide reliable and low cost hosting services. Web Hosting

June 2002

  • Added new glow in the dark product. "Pre-Mixed Glow Paint"
  • Reshuffled items in "The Glow Store" for easier navigation and product selection.

May 2002

  • New product called NightSky Sticker Stencil Kit added. Older stencils are now obsolete.
  • Price reduction for E-Commerce Services like web hosting, web design and shared merchant accounts.
  • Access to the Discussion Board is now restricted to Registered Members only. Registration is free. Click Here to Register or Click Here to Login to the Discussion Site.

April 2002

  • Added New Store for placing orders for Internet related services and products like web hosting, design and other software's.

March 2002

  • Added new glow in the dark products like glow thread/fibre, ceramic glaze and also upgraded our existing range of glow in the dark powder pigment, UV Light Sensitive Phosphorus Powder and plastic masterbatch.
  • Good news is that we have managed to bring down the prices of some of our goods and Epoxy Glow Paint is now available in smaller sample amounts.
  • Full Color Catalogue is now online.
  • New feature which allows Auction users to upload their images into our server, added.

January 2002

  • Large orders for glow powder, epoxy glow paint, masterbatch pellets, glow thread and chemical glow products, can now be placed online.
  • Click on the links to place large orders for
    • NightSky Kit
    • Glow Sticker



December 2001

  • Added a new range of retail, glow in the dark products.

October 2001

  • Changed packaging for Basic NightSky Kit
  • Separate E-Commerce Order Form for Internet Services for Singapore customers

September 2001

  • E-Commerce Services Improved Database Format.

August 2001

  • Added an Auction House to this site. This is a live Auction Site where anyone anywhere can buy and sell their stuff.

July 2001

  • First 2 weeks of this month was spent on the redesign of the E-Commerce site. We have improved on the packages and the ordering process. Design and navigation was also looked into.

June 2001

  • PLC now manufactures ready made and made to order glow in the dark signs. Details available at

April 2001

  • Readjustment of prices for all our glow in the dark ports


December 2000

  • Improved on the Navigation Bar and structure of the whole site.

November 2000

November 28

  • Redesigned the whole site.
  • Added a common navigation bar on the top.

November 15

  • Credit Card processing resumed

October 2000

Credit Card Processing is Temporarily unavailable for Pete's Luminous Creations as  we are shifting our account to a new processing company. This should take around five weeks. 

September 2000

  • Merchant Account Services resumed. Details available at 
  • Prices reduced for E-Commerce services. Details available at 

July 2000

  • Added a Chat Room for demonstration purposes only.
  • Added a News cum Discussion Area to allow visitors and customers an area to post their questions or comments. 
  • Free link exchange page was also added here. 

May 2000

  • Merchant Account Services resumed. Details available at 
  • Prices reduced for E-Commerce services. Details available at 

April 2000

Added a section which answers Frequently asked questions about glow in the dark products.

March 2000

Re-bundled and readjusted the prices for our chemical glow products. Latest prices are on display in The Glow Shop

February 2000

Due to certain changes, we have stopped accepting registrations for International Merchant Accounts. We will post a note here once our position on this changes. 

January 2000

January 24

  • Added a range of chemical luminous products like light sticks, bracelets, necklaces etc..

January 3 

  • Glow in the Dark products are now placed in a separate store called "The Glow Shop"  

November 1999

November 21

  • Added 2 new types of Glow Powder
    • Soothing Violet and Crimson Red

November 5

October 1999 

October 28 

  • Formed a new company called E-Commerce Services to handle all Internet Operations. 

October 4

September 1999

September 27

  • Added a new type of Glow Powder, The Red Glow powder.

  • Took off the premixed paint as the shelf life was low

  • Added a new solvent based ink for mixing with glow powder

September 15

Due to the suggestions from some of our users regarding navigation, we have added direct links between Global Mall's shopping cart page and the actual product pages, hosted on external URL's. This is only done for products with an external URL. 

It is now possible to move back and forth between the product pages which carry all the product details and Global Mall's shopping cart pages without losing any information stored in your cart. 

August 1999

The company was busy concentrating on other areas of business throughout this month. Part of this business involved our internet setup and E-Commerce. 

Through our connections in the US, PLC now has the ability to offer International Businesses, Credit Card Merchant Accounts, via the Internet. Please go to for further details.

July 1999

July 12 

  • Added a new range of S.T. Louis Products.

July 01

  • Improved the navigation, layout and appearance of our online shopping mall.

  • Moved the Software store from Asianet services to its own category.

  • Added a new Accounting Software package.

  • You can now use this cart to order products that are not listed in our store but available in our catalogs or other media just by filling out This Form.

Please redirect all questions, comments and suggestions to




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