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Chemical light products differ from other glow products.  The difference is in the way the glow effect is created and the life span of the product. 

Unlike the other glow products like powder stickers and paint, where the glow is produced through photo storage and is rechargeable through the exposure of light, chemical glow is produced by the mixture of two chemicals. 

The glow produced by the chemical products is brighter than the other glow products  but the downside is that it is not rechargeable and cannot be reused. 

Basically, this is how it works.  Two different types of chemicals are stored in two tubes, an outer large one and an inner glass vial. The inner glass vial is placed inside the large outer tube and floats in the outer tube's chemical.

When this outer tube is bent or broken and shaken, the chemicals combine and start to glow.  Glow time is between 6 to 12 hours. The chemicals are stored in a transparent plastic container  which can be bent into many shapes like necklace, glasses and bracelets. 

Chemical light products are safe for use in almost any area or condition. Usually used for entertainment, it is also suitable for emergencies as weather conditions never effect it.


Chemical Glow Products Range

  Chemical glow bracelet

Picture on the left shows the Bracelet in the normal non-glowing state at the top.

Once it is bent it starts to glow as in the photo shown in the right. 

Glowing time is around 6 to 12 hours.

chemluminescent glow bracelet  

Chemical glow necklace   glowing necklace
The photo on the left shows the Necklace which is similar to the bracelet except that it is much longer and glows in three different colors.  

The photo on the right show the light stick.  The light stick comes in the following lengths: 1.5", 4", 6", and 8".

The brightness of the light stick is much brighter than the necklace, bracelet or glasses. 

Very popular with the military, this product can also be used for camping. Fishing or a spare light source. Useful in emergency situations as it works well in storms, underwater and in situations where other light sources might be dangerous.

chemical light stick     chemical light stick glowing

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