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Glow in the Dark Fibre Thread and Glow in the Dark Fibre are raw materials used to produce different glow in the dark fabric material. Glow in the dark thread can be used to produce glow cloth or to sew glow designs on cloth. Can also be used for quilting and embroidery. Glow in the dark fibre can be used to produce glow ropes, luminous fishing nets, glow carpets and knitted goods.

We only carry one type of glow thread but we have it in various colors. Glow color is always green. There are a few types of glow fibre available. Different types are meant for the production of different products. Details on the various types of fibre we carry are shown below.

These products are sold in spools, just like normal thread and is available in various colors. Length of thread or fibre per spool is measured in deniers. Approximate conversion of deniers to meters is 150 denier = 9000 meters.

photoluminescent thread
glow in the dark thread

Video below shows the glow brightness between the different colors.




Glow in the Dark Thread is available in the following colors

White. Blue, Orange, Green and Yellow



Product Code and Quantity

White / 10 kg
Yellow / 3 kg

Pricing is based on order quantity.
Minimum Order Quantity is 5 kilograms.

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