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Added a new range of "Glow in the Dark" Signs. These tough all weather signs are made from hard acrylic and vinyl and can be used both indoors and out and even as street signs. These signs are useful in places where the lighting level is low like clubs and discos, in place of neon signs, or where there are frequent power failures.

glow in the dark neon sign
Move your mouse over the photo to see the glow color.


These signs do not need electricity or batteries to work. Just expose to a bright light or UV light source for 5 minutes and they will glow for at least 8 to 12 hours. Rechargeable over 10,000 times, just by exposure to a bright light source (preferably ones with UV rays). These signs are waterproof and are manufactured to withstand outdoor weather conditions.

We carry a range of ready-made glow signs as shown below. Normal color and Glow color of these signs are as shown in the photos above. Each sign comes with hooks at the back for hanging.








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