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Glow in the Dark inkjet Photo Printing Paper is a new product developed specifically for printing with normal ink jet printers. It is not made from paper but from flexible vinyl, similar to glow stickers, but with a difference. This product is treated with chemicals to allow it to be printed on by using any normal ink-jet printerYou cannot do this with the glow stickers. The possibilities with this product is endless. You can design and print photo luminous signs, stickers, labels on your computer and print it with any ordinary ink-jet printer. Print photos on glow paper and frame it up, print colorful signs, banners, etc.

Glow Photo Paper under normal light

Glow in the Dark Photo Paper

Glow Paper can be used both indoors and outdoors and has a life span more than 3 years but the same cannot be said for the printing. This depends on the printer. Check with the manufacturers for this. You could also treat protect the printed surface with the Plastic Spray Protector. This helps to extend the life of the printed surface. With a life span of over 3 years, glow paper can glow for more than 10 hours in the dark. Recharge by exposing it to light and it glows again.

Glow Photo Paper glowing in the dark

glow in the dark photo paper glowing

Glow Photo Paper is sold in rolls of:

  • 1 meter width x 10 meters length
  • 1 meter width x 30 meters length
  • 1 meter width x 50 meters length




Product Code and Quantity


1 x 50 meters / 2 rolls

Pricing is based on order quantity.
Minimum Order Quantity is 1 Roll.

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