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NightSky Illusion is a method of painting Glow in the Dark stars and other designs, using our glow paint and special tools that are provided in the kit. The training video that comes along with this kit, will show you in a step by step manner, how to transform any normal ceiling into a NightSky Illusion, filled with stars, constellations, shooting stars, planets, galaxies and other designs, that glow in the dark.



The glow paint we use is almost invisible during the day if painted on a light background. Nobody would notice it unless they actually look hard. Your ceiling would appear how it always had when there is light. But in the dark, this invisible paint starts to glow, making all the stars and other painted designs appear clearly. As we are using the long glow paint, all designs stay visible in the dark for hours.

We are talking about painting a realistic looking Night Sky mural, filled with glowing stars here. We do not use STICKERS. All designs are actually painted on the ceiling. The word 'realistic' is used here to describe the effects produced. It looks like a real Night Sky, but it is not an actual representation of any night sky.

Once again, we would like to emphasize that no special skills are required for this. Even a child, with adult supervision of course, can do this. The training video and tools that come with this kit will guide you along.

The Night sky Illusion Kit is divided into two parts.

NightSky Basic Kit and the NightSky Sticker Stencil Kit.

The NightSky Basic Kit shows you how to transform any ceiling into a NightSky filled with glowing stars and constellations. Since it is meant more for entertainment rather than education, you have the option to place Stars and Constellations anywhere you want, on the ceiling.

The NightSky Sticker Stencil Kit enhances this painting by adding designs of planets, shooting stars, space ships, comets and other designs.


Night Sky Star Illusion Kit

The Basic Kit would contain

  1. Night Sky Ceiling Plastic Applicator (Non Electric)
    (2 sets, small and large)
  2. 100 ml of clear paint
    (water based, unmixed)
  3. 50 grams of glow powder
  4. Night Sky Constellation Charts
    (Northern and Southern Hemisphere)
  5. Night Sky Training Video
    (on CD-ROM. Must have Microsoft Windows Media Player to playback on your computer)



NightSky Basic Kit

The Basic kit would only enable you to paint glow in the dark stars and constellations.

Retail Cost US$99

NightSky Sticker Stencil Kit

Night Sky Illusion

NightSky Sticker Stencil Kit, is a new product which replaces our old set of stencils. With this kit, you can paint complex designs as shown on the left, on any ceiling.

Do not get us wrong. We do not use stickers nor do we use stencils in our products. We only use Sticker Stencils to map out the layout of the design on the surface. After painting, the sticker stencil is removed, leaving only the painted design. The finished painting would look like it was painted by hand.

What you see on the left are the exact designs you would get in this kit. Each design would be cut out individually. Design sizes are A4 for the large designs and A5 for the smaller ones. The finished painting would look exactly like the designs on the left.

Sticker Stenciling is a new technique for painting complex and artistic drawings on any surface. By using this technique, anyone, even those with no artistic background, can paint complex designs within minutes.

Advantages of this kit over the older one are:

  • The stencils come with an adhesive backing so no glue spraying is necessary.
  • Complex and detailed designs are possible with this method unlike the previous method where only simple designs were possible
  • Easy to use. Just Stick the sticker where you want the design to be, Paint then remove the sticker and the design is there.

There is only one disadvantage with this product. Unlike the previous stencil which can be reused, this sticker stencil cannot be reused.

Apart from this disadvantage, its benefits of being a cheaper and easier to use product which can produce complex designs clearly makes this set of stencils better than the previous.

NightSky Sticker Stencil
Retail Cost US$49




Product Code and Quantity


Night Sky Stars / 5 Sets
NightSky Designs / 2 Sets

Pricing is based on order quantity.
Minimum Order Quantity is 5 Sets.

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