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Glow in the Dark Paint is produced by mixing Glow in the Dark Powder with suitable Clear binders, inks or chemicals to form glow in the dark paint. This glow paint can then be applied by using a variety of application methods like silk screen printing, offset printing, brush painting, spray painting, dipping and more. glow in the dark paintActual type of Clear Ink or Paint used would depend on your application requirements. 

*Point to note is that once we mix Glow Powder into Clear Inks or Paints, the mixture is no longer clear but takes on the color of the powder which in most cases is cream.

At present, we only carry pre-mixed paints suitable for brush painting and spray painting with a commercial spray gun. For printing purposes like silk screen printing and offset printing, you would require glow in the dark inks. This is available on our partner's site.

Glow in the dark painting with brush or rollers is unlike normal painting, using normal colored paint. Normal painting can be done under normal light, but Glow in the Dark painting requires a special UV light in order to be able to see where you are painting. For those who are new to Glow Painting, we recommend taking a look at this product. The Twilight Glow Painting Kit.

Glow in the dark paint sold here are solvent based, high quality pre-mixed glow paints mixed at a high ratio of 40% powder to paint. Glow in the dark paint can be used on most surfaces, are water proof and meant for brush painting. Spray painting is also possible by thinning down the solution. If used outdoors, add a protective layer over your painted surface, for a longer lifespan.








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