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  1. Do you have any tips for glow painting ?

  2. There are a number of glowing photos on your site.
    Are these the real deal or just some touch up?

  3. Others pack their powders in Mill Sealed Plastic Bags. Why do you use Zip Lock Bags?

  4. I am interested in becoming an Agent / Distributor. How do I sign up?

  5. How long has this company been in operation?

  6. How to contact you?


Glow in the Dark Products


What are the different types of glow powder you have and what are the glowing colors?

We have different groups of Glow Powder each with its own properties and characteristics. Click Here for more details on our glow pigment powder. 


What is the brightest glow powder currently in the market?

The best glow powders we carry are SLG-1 and LG-8C.

Brightness of a product is measured in mcd/m2, but this can sometimes be misleading because the brightness of glow in the dark products depend on how much light it has absorbed (charging capacity). Testing glow products is not the same as testing electrical lamps because the later produces a fixed light output and requires no pre-charge. This is why we do not use mcd/m2 to grade our glow products, but instead state the number of hours it can glow.

We can produce glow pigments that are brighter than LG-8C, by making the particle size larger. Unfortunately, larger particle size pigments cannot be used for screen printing, spray painting and many other application methods. It can only be used for brush painting. This is why we do keep stock for this. If you do require a pigment which is brighter than what we currently carrry, send us an email and we would produce this for you. There is a minimum order of about 50 kilograms for special orders.








What is the charging time for glow products?

Charging time for glow in the dark products depend on the light source and its brightness. The best light source for charging glow products are those with UV rays in them. Examples would be sunlight or UV black light.

Listed below are the various light sources and the average required time for a full charge.

Light Source Time required for a full charge
Direct Sunlight
5 minutes
Non Direct Sunlight (Cloudy Day)
10 minutes
Ultra Violet (UV black light)
15 minutes
Flourscent Lights
30 minutes
Tungsten Lights
45 minutes









How is Glow Paint produced? 

Glow Paint is produced by mixing Glow Powder with suitable clear inks or paints. Suitable clear inks or paints is the keyword here because if not, the glow powder would descend to the bottom and harden.

Actually, you can mix glow powder with almost anything that is clear (even water) and it would work. Just bear in mind that the glow powder does not dissolve but stays suspended for a while, then settles at the bottom. Only way to keep it suspended would be by constant stirring. If not, shelf life is only about 2 days.

Our glow paints are produced by mixing glow powder with clear inks, together with other chemicals added to extend shelf life. Our glow paints can be stored for a year.

If you are thinking of producing glow paint by mixing glow powder and inks together, bear in mind the shlf life problem.




What are suitable clear inks or paints?

Suitable clear inks are inks that are clear or transparent and thick enough to sustain the weight of the glow powder particles. These can either be water based, solvent based, UV inks and more. 
The type you choose should suit the material you are going to apply on. It should also meet the requirements of your application method. Example, your paint cannot be too thick if you intend to paint by brush and cannot be thin if you intend to silk screen print.  

The most suitable clear paints for mixing with glow powder, are available at our site. These glow paints are pre-mixed (glow powder, clear ink and other anti settling agents). Lifespan of these pre-mixed glow paints are 12 months.




What is the mixing ratio for producing glow paint?

There is no standard mixing ratio and this is best left for the end user to decide. The more powder you add to the mixture, the brighter the glow would be, but the end result would be a coarse thick paint, might be too difficult to use (depends on your application method). You can achieve the same brightness in glow by either painting one coat of thick paint or a few coats of thin paint. 
As a general guideline, mixing ratio of Glow Powder to Clear Paint is 30% to 40% of glow powder to 100% clear ink.


What is the glow time for these paints?

Glow time depends on quite a number of factors.

  1. The powder you use
  2. Mixing ratio of powder to paint
    (approx 1.5 kg or 3 lbs) to 4 litres or 1 gallon)
  3. Background color of surface to be painted
    (white or very light colored)
  4. Number of coats of paint applied.
    (at least three coats)
  5. Ambient lighting.
    (Sunlight - 5 minutes, UV Light - 10 minutes, Other Lights - 45 minutes)



Do you sell glow paints already nicely mixed in clean containers?

We do carry pre-mixed solvent based glow paints. These might not be suitable for application on certain surfaces like soft plastic, rubber or foam.

Making your own Glow Paints is very simple. Just add in about 40% of our glow powder into any Clear or transparent paint you currently use. Advantage of this is that you can have your own glow paint which is safe for use on your products. Disadvantage would be the shelf life of the mixed product. Our pre-mixed solvent based paints have a shelf life of 6 months. If you were to mix the glow powders into your own paints, shelf life could be as short as a few hours due to chemical reaction. Not a problem if you use the mixed product immediately and do not store it overnight.





Do you have glow paint in a spray can?

After years of experimentation, we have come up with such a product. More details at Glow Spray Paint. Currently we only have this in green glow. If you require other colors, there is a minimum order of 24 cans per color.




What is the life span of this product?

Life span of the finished product depends on the protection applied and the environment it is used in. Apart from the Baby Green powder which lasts about 5 years when exposed to regular sunlight, the other powders can last for more than 15 years. We are referring to the raw material, the glow powder.
Now, once the powder is mixed with inks and painted or silk screen printed, the life span is over 5 years if used indoors and 1 to 2 years in an out door environment. Plastic molded products have a longer life span of over 10 years. 


Is this product toxic or radioactive?

The powder is non toxic and non radioactive. It is safe for general use. But care must be taken when handling it. Wear gloves and wash with water if it comes in contact with skin.



Do you have any tips for glow painting ?

  1. Glow in the DARK Painting must be done in the DARK! under a UV black light
  2. Surface to be painted should be light colored like white, cream, light blue, etc.
  3. You should apply at least 2 to 3 coats.

Can the glow powder be mixed with water?

Yes it can but it cannot dissolved in water. A thin substance like water can suspend the powder particles for a few minutes only after which it has to be stirred regularly, approximately once every five minutes. 



What is the best solution for outdoor use?

If you are making signs or banners, we would recommend using our PET protected films. If the outdoor project requires painting, then the Epoxy Glow Paint is the best choice. Alternatively, you could use the regular glow paint but with a layer of protection applied over it. 




Do you have samples I could run some tests with?

Yes! Samples for selected products can be purchased online.


Are there samples for Pellets / Masterbatches?

Yes! we do provide 1 kilogram sample packs for certain Masterbatches but this is based on ex-stock. If we do not have the stock for the particular material you requested for, we cannot provide it.   







There are a number of glowing photos on your site. Are these real or just some touch up?

All photos on our site are original and actual photographs taken of glow products, both in normal and glowing states. We use high tech digital equipment to take such photos. We do not deceive our customers by using graphically enhanced images to present our products in their glowing state.

We are aware that a number of companies are using our photos on their site. We are also aware of other companies that specifically claim, that glow in the products, cannot be photographed in it's glowing state. We have been in this market long enough to know that those who do the above, are not experienced in glow in the dark technology.

We have been in operation since the 90's and have come a long way since then. We have developed ways to use the glow powder in numerous applications. We have also invested quite an amount in hardware so as to be able to capture and present 'glow in the dark" products, in its true state.


Others pack their powders in Mill Sealed Plastic Bags. Why do you use Zip Lock Bags?

Packaging is a very important aspect when dealing with Glow Pigments as shelf life of the product is dependent on this. They must be stored in a cool and dry place. Packing in Mill sealed Plastic Bags or Zip Lock Plastic Bags do not make much of a difference, where shelf life is concerned.

Reason why we sell our pigments in Zip Lock bags is because we think about our customers. We believe that most of our customers use only a portion of their order and thus would require a way to store their unused portion of their pigment. Zip Lock bags allows the user to reseal the unused portion of the pigment. You cannot do this with Mill Sealed Plastic Bags.




I am interested in becoming an Agent / Distributor. How do I sign up?

Details on becoming a distributor and the requirements are outlined here.





Where are you located and how long would delivery take?

We deliver worldwide either by EMS SPeed Post or FedEx.
Shipping overseas generally takes about 14 days.
Delivery is F.O.B. Singapore.






How long has this company been in operation?

Pete's Luminous Creations has been in operations since the early part of 1990's, but went online only in mid 1998. We have been developing and distributing Glow in the Dark products since then. We are one of the early developers of this product and have the knowledge and experience to guide you through all your enquiries.





How to contact you?

Our contact information is available online HERE.

If you prefer to speak to someone in person, we can always be contacted at this number. (65) 6287 3059.




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