Monthly Minimum Order Requirement


Starts from US$1000 monthly

Our Selling Price to you

5% off our Retail Prices (see Retail Pricing below)

Starts from 20% off our Retail Prices

Can go higher depending on Monthly Minimum Order.

Re-Branding (Packing under your own Brand)

All goods would be packed under our brand name but with your contact details and website address.

You can arrange to have the goods packed under your own Brand Name at an additional charge.




Placing Orders

You would be given your own website address (see example below). You or your customers can go to this site to place orders. All orders come to us. We process and ship these orders out based on the delivery instructions. You can have this shipped to you or to your customers directly.

You collect all orders from your customers. You then place the orders with us.

Pricing of Goods

You can mark up our retail prices up to 30%. These prices would be reflected on your web site.

You decide on how much you wish to charge your own customers, but we recommend not setting it higher than 30% of our Retail Rates.

Payment for Goods from your customers

We collect all payments (including your commissions + mark up pricing). You will receive your commissions + mark up pricing within 30 days after the order has been dispatched.

We pay your commissions through PayPal or US Checks.

You collect all payments from your customers based on your selling price to them. You pay us based on Our Selling Price to You (see above)

Shipping of Goods from us to you

We can ship directly to your customers or to you. This can be arranged by letting us know the shipping address when placing the order online.

The Receiver (either you or your customer), is responsible for any Taxes and Duties in their country.

We only ship directly to you. You have to arrange for shipment to your own customers.

You are responsible for Taxes and Duties in your Country.

Geographical Constraints
(Country / Region Specific)

While we prefer you target customers in your own country, we will accept orders and pay your dues even if the orders are outside your Country.

The Affiliate Program is only Available in Certain Countries.

You can only deal with Customers in your Country or Region as specified in the Agreement.

The Distributor Program is open to suitable applicants around the world.

Our Charges

US$45 Setup and US$8 Monthly for hosting your website. You would also receive a set of pre-designed Name Cards with your contact details, our latest catalogue and Order Forms.

No Charges. There is a 6-Month Trial Period following which, we will grant a contract for 5 to 10 years as long as the Monthly Minimum Requirement is met.