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We are expanding our distribution network internationally and are looking for suitable individuals / companies, to join us as Distributors for our range of Glow in the Dark Products. Benefits of being a distributor are in the discounts. We cannot reveal this online but it would be a lot lower than our retail rates.

In order to maintain Distributorship, you are required to place regular orders, in large quantities. You are free to order as and when you like but, Distributor discount rates depend on the size and frequency of the order. To enroll as a Distributor, fill out this form and we would get in touch with you shortly.

Join as a Glow Distributor only when you are able to commit full time into this business and are capable of meeting a monthly minimum requirement. If you intend to do this as a part time job, you might want to consider joining us as a Glow Affiliate instead. To help you in making the right decision, you might want to look at Difference between a Drop Ship Affiliate and a Distributor.


Our Range of Glow in the Dark Products

We carry the widest range of glow in the dark products and are constantly expanding this range. Our complete range of products can be viewed online by clicking on the links, on the left. We also have a Product Catalogue which can be downloaded by clicking on this link.Distributor Sample Pack

Those interested in viewing and testing our range of products before deciding on the product(s) suitable for their country, could order The Distributor Sample Pack @ US$150/-.

This pack would contain samples of all our products plus our catalogue. The US$150/- you pay for this Sample Pack is refunded when you place an order of at least 15 kilograms, with us. More details can be found in our Online Store.







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