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Glow in the Dark Paint
glow in the dark paint

Glow in the Dark Powder
glow in the dark powder

Pete's Luminous Creations deals in a wide range of Glow In The Dark / photo luminous products. Our main products are Glow In The Dark Paint and Glow In The Dark Powder. Besides these, we also manufacture other forms of glow in the dark products like glow printing inks (offset and silk screen), plastic masterbatch for plastic molding, glow stickers, glow photo paper for inkjet printing, ceramic glaze, glow thread and fibre, glass, glow signs and banners and more.

What is Glow in the Dark ?

Glow in the Dark or Photo Luminous Technology is the process of absorbing and releasing light energy. You might have seen it before, on the hands or numbers of certain  clocks and watches. In the dark, the hands or numbers give out a green glow, which is clearly visible in the dark for a few minutes and fades out totally within 20 minutes. The glow products we carry are commercial grade glow in the dark products which can retain the glow for hours!!!

Unlike chemical glow like light sticks, photo luminous glow-in-the-dark can be used many times over, just by exposure to UV light or any other light source. Life span of glow products is more than 20 years under normal conditions.

The product we developed can be used on or mixed with most materials like plastic, glass, ceramic, rubber, thread and a range of other materials, to form glow in the dark products, with a minimum glow period of between 8 to 15 hours. It is also available in colors like red, green, yellow, orange, blue, purple, and more. This new product, manufactured from rare earth, is non toxic and environmentally safe.


Glow in the Dark Powder

Glow in the dark powder pigment, is the raw material used in the production of all other glow products. Glow powder comes in powder form. Mix it with clear paint, plastic, rubber, and more to form glow products.

Glow in the Dark Paint

Glow in the Dark Paint is a pre-mixed solvent based glow paint that can be applied onto most surfaces. We also have Glow in the Dark Inks meant for the printing industry. We have glow inks suitable for silk screen printing and offset printing. Learn more about glow painting with The Twilight Glow Paint Kit.

Glow in the Dark
Photo Paper

Glow in the dark Photo paper is photo quality paper that glows in the dark. Can be used in any ordinary ink-jet printer, to print full color photographs that glow in the dark.

Ultra Violet Light Sensitive Powder

Ultra Violet Light sensitive powder needs a UV (black light) to work. Glows in different colors only in the presence of a UV light. We have a range of Ultra Violet Lights to meet all your UV Lighting needs.

Glow in the Dark
Spray Paint

Glow in the dark spray paint is sold in 330ml aerosol spray cans. Glow spray paint is simple to use. Just shake the can and spray.

Glow in the Dark Plastic
Master Batch

Glow in the Dark Plastic Master batch is glow powder mixed with clear plastic and molded into pellets. this makes manufacturing glow plastic products easier. Just melt the glow pellets and mold into shape.

Glow in the Dark Ceramic Glaze

Glow in the dark ceramic glaze is used to produce glaze which is then applied onto ceramic tiles.

Difference between Glow in the Dark and UltraViolet Light Reactive Products.




Glow in the Dark
Reflective Tape

Glow in the dark reflective tape is a non-adhesive, flexible tape that not only glows in the dark, but also reflects light.

Glow in the Dark Rocks

Glow in the Dark rocks is manufactured in the same manner as glow plastic pellets except that it is bigger. While commonly used as gravel for fish tanks and potted plants, it can also be embedded in sidewalks to form glowing pathways and in other applications, even art.

Glow in the Dark Stickers

Glow in the dark stickers are made from soft PVC and coated with glow ink. Comes with adhesive with or without backing, is flexible and can be cut easily.
Glow boards are made from hard PVC. No adhesive backing and non flexible. Good for signage backing.

Glow in the Dark Signs and Banners

We have a range of Ready Made Outdoor Glow Signs made from aluminum and Route Markers made from vinyl. You can also make Banners with glow lettering using our ready made Glow Numbers and Alphabets.

NightSky Mural Illusion Kit

Night Sky star gazing illusion kit is a kit which contains all the tools and instructions needed to transform any ordinary bedroom ceiling into a Night Sky mural, filled with glowing stars. Sticker Stencil Kit for painting Planets and more..

Glow in the Dark Thread / Fibre

We have glow in the dark thread for embroidery, glow in the dark fibre for weaving of carpets, etc and glow fibre thread for industrial usage and heavy stitching.

Chemical Glow Sticks

Chemical Glow Light sticks glow when two chemicals combine. The result is a high intensity glow, as bright as a torch. Glow time varies between 2 to 8 hours. Only good for one-time use only.

Epoxy Protector

We recommend using Epoxy Protector for protecting your glow in the dark painting. This is more important if the glow painting is used outdoors, as the Epoxy protection can increase the life span of the glow paint.

Glow in the Dark and UV Forum

For further resources on Glow in the Dark or Ultra Violet Light Sensitive products, go through our FAQ, or post your questions in the Glow Discussion Forum. You could also download ourGlow Catalogue here.


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