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UV Powder and UV Paint only reacts to Ultraviolet UV (Black) Light.

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UltraViolet Light Sensitive UV Powder or UV Paint is a product that glows only when exposed to UV light (black light). With a body color of white or light-green, these powders can glow in colors like green, blue, yellow, purple, red and violet.

These powders only glow when exposed to UV black light. Remove the UV light source and they stop glowing. Glow effects are visible in both bright and dark environments. We carry both the UV Powder and UV Paint here.UV powder UV Paint

Nontoxic, harmless, free from any radioactive additives, good chemical stability and insoluble in water are some of this powder's characteristics. It can be added to various mediums like paint, printing ink, plastic, rubber, resin, glass, etc.

Suitable areas of application would be as signs or decoration in places like hotels, restaurants, discos, and other public areas like outdoor advertisements, neon lamps, and indoor illumination. This product is also popular with artists who create paintings with special UV effects.

The UV Paints are mixed to a ratio of between 10% to 20% UV Powder to clear ink. For every 5 (five) litres of UV Paint, there is about 1 kilogram of UV Powder mixed into it.


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