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Glow in the Dark or Photo Luminous Technology is the process of absorbing and releasing light energy. You might have seen it before, on the hands or numbers of certain  clocks and watches.In the dark, the hands or numbers give out a green glow, which is clearly visible in the dark for a few minutes and fades out totally within 20 minutes. Unlike chemical glow like light sticks, photo luminous glow can be used many times over, just by exposure to UV light.


The glow powder we developed can be used on or mixed with most materials like paint, plastic, glass, ceramic, to form glow in the dark products, with a minimum glow period of between 8 to 15 hours. It is also available in colors like red, orange, blue, purple, and more. This new product, manufactured from rare earth, is non toxic and environmentally safe.

Move your mouse over the image on the right, to see the glow effects.

The raw material, Glow Powder, from which all glow in the dark products are made from. This photoluminiscent powder pigment, unlike the common types available today, can glow up to 12 hours or more. It is also available in different colors.

This raw material (Glow Powder), can be mixed with various other materials like paint, silicone, rubber, fibre, plastic and more, to produce other raw materials and products like:


glow paint

Glow Paint

Glow Paint :- Glow Paint and Inks can be used for brush painting, spray painting and silk screen printing.

glow pellets

Glow Pellets

Glow Pellets :- Specially produced for plastic injection molding purposes in manufacturing plastic products like toys, credit cards, etc..

glow ceramic glaze

Ceramic Glaze

Ceramic Glaze :- Can be used on or under glaze or on ceramic tiles, etc..

glow thread

Glow Thread and Fibre

Glow Thread :- Raw material suitable for the production of cloth, canvas, rope, carpet or general sewing.

Finished Products

  • glow paper :- can be used in any ink-jet printer.
  • glow stickers :- finished product which can be printed on or cut into shapes
  • glow art :- An art gallery containing photographs of glow powder used to create art. Done by a French artist who also happens to be one of our customers.
Glow in the Dark Effect

Photo taken under normal
lighting conditions

Photo taken while Powder is  being charged with UV Light.

Photo taken in the Dark, after the Powder has been charged.

Powder under Normal Light

Powder getting Charged with UV Light

Powder Glowing in the Dark

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