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Glow in the Dark Plastic Pellets / Master Batches are specially manufactured for Plastic Injection Molding purposes. Plastic molding is used mainly for the production of glow in the dark, plastic products like plastic toys, plastic casings, plastic credit cards, etc...

You could still manufacture plastic products that glow by mixing the glow powder directly into plastic and molding but anyone who has tried it would know that it is easier said than done. Which is why we created plastic pellets, which are already pre-mixed correctly, with glow in the dark powder. All you have to do is to melt it and mold it into your required shape.

Our products are coded according to the plastic type and grade.
Let's look at PP7D-50 for example.

  • The first two letters PP refers to the plastic type.
  • The number 7 refers to the Powder Grade. The higher the number, the brighter the glow.
  • The following letter D refers to the particle size of the powder used
  • Finally, the number 50 refers to the percentage of powder added. In this case 50% powder mixed with clear PP plastic material

Standard color of the pellets are cream and the glow color is green.
Prices are in US$ and weight measure in kilograms.
1 kilogram = 2.2 pounds

We can also produce Luminous Plastic Master Batch Pellets according to your specifications but a minimum order of at least 50 kilograms is required. Send in your enquiries for special requirements to orders@glo-net.com


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