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Payment Options

Next Step would be collecting payment from buyers, for items sold and making payments for Auction Charges listed above. The most convenient mode of payment would be by credit card. Buyers wishing to pay by Credit Card may do so by using our Secure Payment Server.

Benefits of Using our Payment Server

The main benefit of using our payment server is convenience as we accept all major credit cards. Next benefit is that this service is provided FREE for Registered Users of this Auction. Final benefit is Security for both Buyers and Sellers. Security benefit for Buyers and Sellers is explained below.

Security for Buyers

While we are not involved in the actual negotiations between Buyer and Seller on the sale of an item, Buyers are encouraged to use our payment system for making payments on any items purchased in this Auction. By using our payment system, Buyers are automatically protected from the following situations:

  1. non receipt of items
  2. items damaged upon receipt
  3. incomplete item received
  4. different item received
  5. items cannot be used in your country due to legal or technical reasons

Buyers are guaranteed of a full refund for the first situation. For the rest of the situations, Buyers would receive a partial refund after subtracting shipping charges. Requests for refunds should be sent to accounts@hosting-server.net Buyers should give a grace period of at least 50 days after the auction has closed, before claiming for a refund for the first situation. For the rest of the situations, claims can be sent upon receipt of the item.

Security for Sellers

As a seller, if you do not accept Credit Cards, chances of losing the sale are high. When we accept payments on your behalf, you are guaranteed of full payment minus our Auction charges, the moment the Buyer confirms receipt of items in good condition. Best of all is that we do not charge anything extra for the use of our Payment Server. It is included in your Auction Charges.

Major concern regarding security for sellers can be found on an article from CNET.COM If you have problems retrieving that article, you can Click Here for a copy.

That's it. We hope we have covered everything. If you have any questions, feel free to send them to us at Email auctions@hosting-server.net

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