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Auction Charges for Sellers

Here we proceed to explain the amount we charge for our different services. There are NO CHARGES for REGISTRATION, POSTING or BIDDING on an Item.

But the following Auction Charges applies only to Sellers. If the Item you POST, is SOLD, in this Auction, you have to pay the Auction Charges. If the Item is not sold, you pay nothing and can continue Posting it here, for free, until it is sold.

Our Auction Charges for items sold are as follows:

Final Selling Price of Item in US$
Percentage Charge
Amount Payable in US$
$1 to $20
$0.10 to $2.00
$21 to $50
$2.00 to $4.50
$51 to $100
$4.50 to $8.00
$101 to $300
$8.00 to $21.00
$301 to $650
$21.00 to $39.00
$651 to $1000
$39.00 to $50.00
$1000 to $2000
$50.00 to $80.00
$2001 to $5000
$80.00 to $150.00
$5001 to $10,000
$150.00 to $200.00
$10,001 to $50,000
$200.00 to $500.00
Above $50,000
$500.00 >
Example., If the final selling price of your item is US$25.90, Auction charges would be $25.90 x 9% = $2.30

Charges stated above also cover the use of our Secure Payment Server.

Optional Charges

Besides the Auction Charges which apply only if the Item is sold, there are no other charges unless you want additional features added to your listing. Described below are the additional features you can add to your advertisement and our charges for it.

Feature Description Cost in US$
Bold Listing Make your listing stand out by making it Bold Red. $0.50
Highlight Highlight your listing to make it stand out $0.50
Add Photo This is free if the photo is placed in your server. If you want the photo to be placed in our servers, there are charges. $2.00
*Amendment Changes to your email or wordings of your ad. $30
Front Page Ad Direct link to your advertisement from the front page $50
Front Page Banner Banner size advertisement in the front page $60
Every Page Ad Direct link to your advertisement on every page. $300
Special Feature Page Additional Page of Photos and Description $80
*You can change your password or address for free by clicking on the link below. Other changes are chargeable.

To have these features and others added to your listing, send an email to the webmaster

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